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Why urmk Solutions

  urmk Solutions is the industry leader in modern marketing mobile apps. We provide exceptional technology, training, and service for companies and individuals
  seeking mobile marketing solutions that can improve their business and lifestyle.

  With the knowledge that not all apps are created equal and that differentiating one product from the next was becoming increasingly difficult,
  the founders of urmk Solutions set out to develop an affordable solution that enabled anyone to create beautiful mobile applications
  without any programming knowledge required.

  Today, urmk Solutions is the premiere provider of quality mobile app solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Our superior technology and industry expertise
  enables us to be versatile, flexible, and responsive when it comes to incorporating the latest app features and
  toolsets and offering them in our own solution for customers.

  We also offer resellers an opportunity to apply technically superior software and development processes to grow both their own image and brand, as well as
  the images and brands of their own customers.

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