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  Who are we?

We are experienced marketing reseachers and software developers working in the marketing field 12 years ago .

  What is ? is a web application to facilitate the process of creating native and web mobile app for our users you can choose between on of the precreated templates or order customize app . is too simple to use ,you wont need any kind of tutorial or support to build your first application

  What is mobile app?

Mobile app is somekind of softwares that was written to run on smartphones and other mobile devices like ipad .
Mobile app help users to connect to their favorite internet service from their handheld devices .

  Native mobile app VS Web mobile app

Native mobile app are simply the mobile apps that run on the machine firmware itself like the preinstalled apps which come installed with every new mobile like calender or music player .
Web mobile app are the apps that runs on the mobile browser and are rendered everytime you open the app or web page.
With the new html5 technology the features of native and web apps become so close to each other.

  What are the benefits of using mobile app to market your business?

Mobile device is always with the user atleast 16 hours/day-7days/week . you can easily reach your customers faster within minutes from publishing your mobile app

  What are the benefits of using mobile app in your daily activity?

With mobile apps you can use the benefits of the mobility of your handheld device to easily perform your daily tasks or private tasks like communicating with your parents and family members ,share news with them get the recent prices of some goods.

  How to start? is so easy to start , you need to fill the order form in order to gain access to our awesome service ,one of our developers team will contact you within 2 business days he will ask you few easy questions about your mobile app, then you are done :)

  What to do if i need support in building my application?

Simply call 714-657-3939 from your phone or send us email at : ..

  How to build customized mobile app?

You can order you customized mobile app by calling 714-657-3939 with all your requirements and we will answer you shortly within 1 business day.



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