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Mobile App +Website +Marketing = Mobile Presence
= More Clients
You're Market

We are the only Company that can offer you / your company
A complete Mobile Presence

        > Mobile App (Valued at $1,000) FREE
               •     Upgrades Available for $199 (Database & Push Notifications)

        > Mobile Website (Valued at $600) FREE

        > Mobile Marketing - the First Time is Free - We will Send Out 50,000 Text Surveys
                       for you/your company in the area of your choice. (Valued at $400) FREE
                •     You do have to pay for hosting, maintenance and updates ($99)
                       before we will start your marketing campaign, which is
                       the only monthly charge for both App & Website.
                •     The cost of future marketing campaigns will depend on
                       the volume of surveys requested to be sent out - You will be
                       able to first review the results of our "First Time is Free"
                       marketing to decide if the results warrant the expense. (ROI).

        •     Build and Increase Customer Loyalty!
        •     Be in Constant Contact with Your Clients!
        •     Generate New Sales / Revenue!
        •     Keep Your Customers Coming Back!

About US is the industry leader in modern marketing mobile apps. We provide exceptional technology, training, and service for companies and individuals seeking mobile marketing solutions that can improve their business and lifestyle. Continue reading?

Features ..

Our mobile app solution is completely customizable, so you can design your app specifically around your business and how you want your customers to interact with you. Features include: GPS Directions, Push Notifications, Discounts and Coupons, Easy Sharing, Events Calendars, and App Analytics. Continue reading?




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